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海盗电台原创:阿の弹唱《I never loved you more》


【海盗电台按】这是阿の创作的第一首歌《I Never Loved You More》,歌词是布莱希特的一首同名诗,原诗是德文,她唱的是英文译本。


I Never Loved You More

Lyric by Brecht Music/performance by Ano

I never loved you more, ma soeur Than as I walked away from you that evening. The forest swallowed me, the blue forest, ma soeur The blue forest and above it pale stars in the west.

I did not laugh, not one little bit, ma soeur As I playfully walked towards a dark fate – While the faces behind me Slowly paled in the evening of the blue forest.

Everything was grand that one night, ma soeur Never thereafter and never before – I admit it: I was left with nothing but the big birds And their hungry cries in the dark evening sky.

Bertolt Brecht

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