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最近在看一本好书,字大书薄,通达有趣,是我从旧书店淘来的。这本书是介绍戏剧的,叫THE PLAY。


…behold: this was Oedipus; Greatest of men; he held the key to the deepest mysteries; Was envied by all his fellow-men for his great prosperity; Behold,what a full tide of misfortune swept over his head. Then learn that mortal man must always look to his ending, And none can be called happy until that day when he carries His happiness down to the grave in peace.

看吧,这就是俄底浦斯, 众人中最大的;他掌握了幽深机密的钥匙; 因为凡事兴旺而被人们嫉妒。 看吧,不幸的巨浪如何卷过他的头顶。 要知道,必死的人类必须时常观察自己的结局, 没有人可称为是幸福的 直到他带着幸福平安埋进坟墓的那天。

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