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The Children of Hurin

古人云父承子业,托尔金(J.R.R Tolkien)的儿子克里斯托弗-托尔金(Christopher Tolkien)根据父亲留下来的笔记,编写了一本《胡林的子女》(The Children of Hurin),已经于4月份在英国、美国、加拿大、新西兰同步出版,据英国《经济学人》报道,发售当天出现了排队抢购的景象。


《胡林的子女》的编写工作历时30年,为贯彻托尔金著作的风格,出版商HarperCollins邀请凭《魔戒三部曲:王者再临》获得金像奖最佳美术指导的艺术家Alan Lee,为此书绘画25幅铅笔速写及8幅彩色插图。克里斯托尔金(Christopher Tolken)之前曾根据父亲遗下的资料,完成《The Silmarillion》及《History of Middle Earth》两本著作。


《胡林的子女》(The Children of Hurin),无论谁来翻译成汉语,都是唐突经典,所以有英语能力的魔戒迷最好还是去亚马逊买原版吧。



J.R.R. Tolkien The master's last words Apr 19th 2007 From The Economist print edition THIS week J.R.R. Tolkien reaches us from beyond the grave. Three decades after his death, his son, Christopher Tolkien, has compiled “The Children of Hurin”, gathering his material from subplots in three of Tolkien's books (including “The Silmarillion” which was also published posthumously) plus notes that the great man jotted down throughout his career. All the standard fare is here. There is a Dark Lord, a doomed hero and a dragon. Turin and Nienor, Lord Hurin's children, are born at a time when Men and Elves in Middle Earth are united against Morgoth (a deity gone bad). Hurin is captured in battle and through his defiance of the Dark Lord is cursed and forced to witness the downfall of his family. The story centres on Turin's inescapable misfortunes as fate drives him to disaster, together with his mother and sister. This story, based as always on ancient European mythology, is told without poetry, let alone comedy. As the exhaustive introduction and preface make clear, it is all unadorned tragedy. Though the book is quite short, the detail and description are dense. Plot is almost an aside since Turin is destined for awful things from the outset. But the language is authentically Tolkien's. Devoted fans of Tolkien's books, and of the film trilogy made from “The Lord of the Rings”, queued for this final volume when it appeared in the shops this week. They will, no doubt, rejoice in a fresh perspective on a well-known chronicle. But those uneducated in Middle Earth's rich history and languages may find themselves restlessly page-flipping between the main story and the family trees, glossaries and appendices. “The Children of Hurin”, unlike Tolkien's better-known stories, does not set out to be a vehicle for his political and philosophical ideals. Its aim is to tell a good story, and it does so, without wandering into its wider implications. It is well crafted: Christopher Tolkien has skilfully pieced the fragments together to form a “continuous narrative without gaps or interruptions”. The question is whether, given the vast extent of Tolkien's published work, this new spinning of fragments was really necessary.

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