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Tell Laura I Love Her 告訴蘿拉我愛她

Laura and Tommy were lovers He wanted to give her everything Flowers presents and most of all A wedding ring

He saw a sign for stock car race A thousand dollar prize it read He couldn’t get Laura on the phone So to her mother Tommy said Tell Laura I love her Tell Laura I need her Tell Laura I may be late I’ve something to do that can not wait

He drove his car to the racing ground He was the youngest driver there And the crowd roared As they started the race Round the track they drove at a deadly pace No one know what happened that day How his car overturned in flames But as they pulled him from the twisted wreck With his dying breath They heard him say Tell Laura I love her Tell Laura I need her

Tell Laura not to cry My love for her will never die Now in the chapel Laura prayed For her Tommy who passed away It was just for Laura He lived and died Alone in the chapel She can hear him cry

Tell Laura I love her……

蘿拉和湯米是情侶 他什麼都想送給她 花 禮物和她最想要的一枚婚戒 他看到了一張賽車啟事 獎金有一千元 他打電話找不到蘿拉 所以告訴他媽媽說 告訴蘿拉我愛她 告訴蘿拉我需要她 告訴蘿拉我或許慢一點到 我要做一件不得不做的事情 他駕著車到賽車場 他是最年輕的賽車選手 當比賽開始觀眾大聲歡呼 他們以死亡的速度在場上奔馳 沒有人知道那天發生了什麼 他的車在拐彎處著火 當他們把他從扭曲的車拉出時 他氣息微弱地說 告訴蘿拉我愛她 告訴蘿拉我需要她 告訴蘿拉不要哭 我對他的愛誓死不渝 現在蘿拉在教堂禱告 為去世的湯姆禱告 他為蘿拉活也為蘿拉死 孤寂的教堂 她似乎又聽到他的呼喚 告訴蘿拉我愛她…

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