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My tumblr is back


As a Chinese blogger, accidents are essential parts of the virtual life. Your ip could be blocked. You DNS could be contemplated. Your registry could be terminated without prior notification. And the server running your blog could be unplugged.

So, when someone told me that this blog could not be visited, I thought it was just another accident directed by the GFW–Chinese censorship machine. However, finally I had found that it’s unaccessible even penetrating the wall by using a paid VPN. Every time when I typed the url of this blog, I got this message:”Your Tumblr is suspended.”

I was greatly puzzled. According to the Term of Service of Tumblr, an account will be suspended when it publishes harmful materials such as pornography, racism and hatred contents etc. But I have never posted any entries like that. Why me?

There are several effective ways to learn the craft of English writing, among which the best method, I think, is writing complaint letters. The key element of writing well is not skill, but the impulse, the dire need of expressing yourself. I wrote a complaint email to I got their reply very soon.

Hello Wang There was a glitch on our end. My apologies. You may need to delete your cookies and cache but you should be able to access your blog now. – to delete your web browser cache - ['s-Cache]('s-Cache) – To deleting your web browser's cookies for - []( thanks

I did as they said. It does work.

I used a customized domain name on my tumblr account but the former ip became invalid due to the shift of server in Tumblr’s end. I changed the a-record of my domain name- and point it to a new ip which has not been blocked by GFW yet. And the whole world became normal again.

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