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不知不觉,中文BLOGGER年会,已经进行了大半天的时间。我做的一件NB的事,是在我们小EEE PC上,安装了UBUNTU EEE,让它从一个玩具变成一台真正的电脑。更NB的是,解决了UBUNTU中文输入的问题。所以,我可以在会场用WIFI上网,在EEE PC上写BLOG。



然而好景不长,BLOG 2005之后,管制加紧。很多BLOG不再更新,从而使网络上变成了氓众的天下,论坛取代BLOG,讽刺/隐喻,春秋笔法,又开始流行。



Anti’s speech

Political analysis of Chinese blogsphere.

Gradulated in 199X. Worked in a hotel. Night shift.

Learnt many things. Went to English corner.

I got know sth. A high school girl who became my wife. The other guy is Wangxiaobo.

I nearly read all the books in the book store.

I opened my own biz. Inspired by wangxiaobo.

I found a new world.

He worked in Elong. He worked in NYT.

Cambridge. Howard. Jerk

Internet gave me the opportunity. In ancient China, keju is the tool to maintain the order.

When keju was abolished, the youth chose revolution.

In 1949, the graduate had the chance to enter the elite world.

Since 1989, everything has changed. The market choice is bias.

For the talents has no way of ascent.

Since 2000, the media groups have expanded to be groups. They need talents. Many talents entered the media career 2000-2002

Non-main-stream guys

the net guys liberated the traditional media.

In western countries, bloggers are ameteure.

The extension of tradional media.

The blog and media connects seamlessly.

Sina blog. Xujinglei changed the game rule.

Column is very important. Blog fills the holes.

If you are a talent, you will get the chance

1KG is a ideology.

A lobby manager. He still looks a lobby manager.

The ceiling of blog. It was easily censored.

Since 2006, dogmatic.

The opinion leader gave up their leadership.

The mass entered the stage.

The bbs can hide himself.

The bbs regained its position. Nationalism replace the liberalism.

Metophorised. Since I can’t talk china. How can I metopher in China.

50cents party. Radical thoughts prevails.

The advantage is to force the people to push the civil society.

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