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今天是老婆的生日,我们一起录制了音乐剧《悲惨世界》中芳汀和冉阿让的一段唱:Come to me.








Fantine Cosette, it’s turned so cold Cosette, it’s past your bedtime You’ve played the day away And soon it will be night. Come to me, Cosette, the light is fading Don’t you see the evening star appearing? Come to me, and rest against my shoulder How fast the minutes fly away and every minute colder. Hurry near, another day is dying Don’t you hear, the winter wind is crying? There’s a darkness which comes without a warning But I will sing you lullabies and wake you in the morning.

[Valjean enters.]

Valjean Oh, Fantine, our time is running out But Fantine, I swear this on my life

Fantine Look, M’sieur, where all the children play

Valjean Be at peace, be at peace evermore.

Fantine My Cosette…

Valjean Shall live in my protection

Fantine Take her now

Valjean Your child will want for nothing

Fantine Good M’sieur, you come from God in Heaven.

Valjean And none will ever harm Cosette As long as I am living.

Fantine Take my hand, The night grows ever colder.

Valjean Then I will keep you warm.

Fantine Take my child, I give her to your keeping.

Valjean Take shelter from the storm

Fantine For God’s sake, please stay till I am sleeping And tell Cosette I love her And I’ll see her when I wake…

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