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在英国亚马逊买了一本《The Oxford Book of Letters》,里面收录了一封美国农民在1896年写给铁路公司的一封信。这封充满了拼写错误的信,写得如此憨厚可爱,当边看边浮一大白。

To the Superintendent, Atlantic City Railroad, Sept. 1896 Dear sir, On the 15th yore trane that was goting to Atlanta ran over mi bull at 30 mile post. He was in my Pastur You orter see him Yore ruddy trane took a peece of hyde outer his belly between hisnable and his poker at least fute square and took his bag most off and he lost is seeds. I don't believe hi is going to be any more use as a bull. I wish you would tell the President he is ded, for he is as good as ded ever since he was hit by yore trane. Yours respectfully A.T. Harris P.S.-- Be sure and report him as ded as he has nothing left but his poker. He was a red bull but he stand around in these days looking dam blue.

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