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Hey, Jude


Hey, Dear Jude:

You have been waiting for something for many years. But you were disappointed every time when you opened your door. It was the postman, it was the wind, it was nothing at all.

You have departed the time of innocence, the time of simplicities, when good is good, truth is truth, and your question always has an answer. Now, everything is different. You have been pushed into a stage, on which you have to act yourself, directed and watched by the audience, whose requirements you may feel powerless to reject.

We are living in a changing era; you are in a transitional age. Traditional values lose its favor; other values takes its position. Peace and simplicity is on the way out; sound and fury is on the way in. Many books has been written, few are worth of reading. Every morning when you wake up, you are facing so many choices, so much temptation, let alone conflicts and confusion which makes the circumstance more complicated.

What shall we do? What can we believe? What can we rely upon?

The answer resides your heart. Trust it, cherish it, above all, alert it.

I wish you will find something new, and I believe you will find a way. You will be yourself, undeceived and undisturbed, as tranquil as your eyes.

Yours faithfully


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