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SaladHands30 - Guardian Soulmates


SaladHands30 - Guardian Soulmates


What I’m looking for

Oh dear, I’m cracking now… I guess I’d really just like to meet a man who is unapologetically silly; who never orders Vanilla, thinks Magnolia is ‘safe’ or insists we print a map; a man for whom I’d pull an all-nighter on a school night; who walks or cycles instead of getting the tube; who will leave me utterly speechless and wanting to know more; who drinks proper beer and thinks he can surf, is able to order wine in a restaurant and can teach me to ski better, eats all major food groups, has more than one pair of shoes and climbs mountains; who thinks Foster the People are the best thing to happen in 2011 so far, but will make me leave work early on a Monday to see an unknown band in Brixton; who manages to get us two places for a new Supper Club on a Tuesday; who doesn’t watch TV at normal times but will spend Sunday in bed with iPlayer; who suggests camping in Cornwall one weekend and will dance with me til our feet bleed the next weekend; is my biggest critic and my greatest fan (and who I respect for both); agrees that cats are vain and fickle but would secretly love to get one, call it Carlos and try to make it love us rather than the branded offal we feed it; looks irresistible in a suit (but isn’t wearing one in his profile picture); makes my married best friend wish she was sleeping with him and my mum wish he was her son; unafraid to kiss me to make me shut up and yet can make me talk when I’ve clammed up; someone who just gets it, and gets me; and when I’m with him I forget to check my blackberry or my moral code.

I have a toolkit already, I live on my own so I know how to boil an egg, and my dad gave me a book last Christmas about how to change a car tyre - so that’s all less important.

Oh and I’ve spent the last 30 yrs trying to find someone who doesn’t think that going for a 10 mile run on a Sunday morning and then spending the whole of the rest of the day in the pub is counterintuitive - if you are out there then I will marry you. Tomorrow.

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