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Anything might take place In our dreams, And the key for the dream door Is nothing but “Open, Sesame!”

任何事都可能发生在 我们的梦中 开启梦的钥匙 不过是一句 “芝麻,开门!”

I conceal myself for observing In a large tree, Whose branches are thick enough To blind the eyes of thee.

我把自己隐藏在 一棵大树上细看 茂密的枝叶足以 遮挡住你的眼睛

In the dark, dark night And inside the cave, That’s thou who mistake Piles of gold and silver For your long-cherished wish.

在黑黑黑黑的夜晚, 在洞穴之内 那人是你 错把堆放的金银 当成了珍藏的愿望

Once “Open, Sesame!” Is thus spoken, Thousands of colors Penetrate thy heart instantly.

一旦“芝麻,开门!” 如是说出, 千万种色彩, 立穿你心。

Just one thing is neglected Completely by thee, That is a caged colorless butterfly Called tender passion Now hovering towards me.

只是忽略了一件事 你,完全忘了 笼子里一只无色的蝴蝶 唤起温柔的怜悯 唤作温柔的激情 现在向我盘旋而来

With all the treasures Thou vanish without trace, And “Shut, Sesame!” leaves the butterfly Wandering in the sky between thee and me.

带着所有的宝贝 你消失无踪 一句“芝麻,关门!”让蝴蝶流浪在 你我之间的天空

Thou say one day No dreams visit a dreamless Sage’s dreams, Hence the butterfly is buried In my deep, deep thoughts With the dream key forever lost.

你说有一天 没有梦神拜访无梦先知的梦 于是蝴蝶埋葬在 我深深深深的思绪中 梦的钥匙永远丢了

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